Prayerfully read Mark 9:29; Isaiah 58

“And He replied to them, ‘This kind cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting.” Mark 9:29 (AMP)

I am sure we all have memories of how lethargic we become after we have stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving dinner. Often we find ourselves falling asleep or at least wanting to if given the opportunity.

How often, over the years, I have heard people quote the above scripture, thinking that when we fast it is almost like a hunger strike to make God do something for us. I have heard people say, ”I fasted even, and God didn’t do what I asked.” I have to admit, that growing up, when my church called for a fast, I too, thought the same thing.

Fasting is not trying to prove how serious we are or to make God do what we want. Fasting is acquiring a sensitivity in the spirit. When I am full on Thanksgiving dinner, my body and mind want to sleep. When I deny myself food, my spirit becomes more alive, more sensitive. It is easier to receive things from the Holy Spirit.

When living in Hong Kong, I saw that even the realms of darkness understood this principle. When they were preparing to walk on hot coals or climb a ladder of swords, they would fast so they could more easily receive the spirits of their gods to perform this feat.

When we fast, we too, can more easily receive the Spirit of the Living God to perform the works of the Kingdom of God.

• Lord, I empty my body to cause my spirit man to become more sensitive to Your Holy Spirit. Fill me Lord – possess me with your Holy Spirit.
• Give me a sensitive ear in the realm of the spirit to better hear Your voice. Pray Isaiah 50:4,5.
• Like Jesus, I want to do what You do, and say what You say,

By Pastor Beverly Schneider



Prayerfully read John 15:1-17

In the 1920’s Christian missionaries in North China were grieved over the spiritual condition of the churches. Members showed little or no spiritual sensitivity or concern. The missionaries began to wonder if many people had accepted Christianity mentally but had never been born again.

In 1920, missionaries and Chinese leaders began to devote one day a month to pray for revival. In March, 1927, the southern revolutionary army burned Nanking, and all missionaries were ordered to Tsingtau and Chefoo for possible evacuation. Those evacuated to Chefoo began to study the Scriptures and ask the Lord why they had been removed from their work. God began to speak through His Word.

A group of missionaries asked Marie Monsen, and evangelical Lutheran from Norway, to join their prayer meetings. God began to use her to challenge missionaries and others to get right with God. The missionaries spent days before the Lord. They confessed every known sin. They sought to be reconciled with one another.

During a special prayer time God worked to heal the eyesight of Ola Culpepper. In the middle of their rejoicing, God convicted the missionaries that they were far more concerned about physical healing than they were about the salvation of the Chinese. They once again began to confess sins to the Lord. God was getting a people right with Himself.
Marie was again used of the Lord as she asked the missionaries and others, three penetrating questions.

1. Have you been born of the Spirit?
2. What evidence do you have of the new birth?
3. Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit?

The hunger for spiritual vitality caused people to do much soul-searching. Christians and especially the leaders were revived and filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Once Christians were revived, God had clean vessels through which to work. By 1932, revival was spreading.

Many came to realize they were only “head” Christians, but they had never placed their trust in Christ. An evangelist for 25 years, Mr. Chow realized he was trusting in his good works and not in Christ for salvation. After he was saved, he refused to be paid for his preaching because he had preached for 25 years without the presence and power of the Lord. Lucy Wright, a missionary nurse for nine years, realized she had only joined the church. She trusted Christ for the first time. In 1932 masses of people were coming to Christ. In one school all 600 girls and 900 out of 1,000 boys trusted Christ during 10 days of meetings.


  • Saved people went everywhere telling everyone what Jesus had done for them.
    Those who turned to Christ took down their “house gods” and burned them.
  • The hearts of God’s people were full of praise and thanksgiving. Joyful singing filled
    the services. New songs were written and the Scripture was put to music.
  • All believers had a great hunger for God’s Word, Bible classes met nightly, and the
    Bible schools and seminaries saw significantly increased enrollments.
  • Spiritually dead churches were revived. Church attendance multiplied, and the
    members paid close attention to worship, prayer, and discipleship. Prayer meetings
    lasted two or three hours as people got right with God and prayed for the lost.
  • Broken families and relationships were healed.

This account has been adapted from Go Home and Tell by Bertha Smith, Nashville: Broadman Press, 1965, pp 12-39, and The Shatung Revival by C.L. Culpepper, Atlanta, North American Mission Board, 1982.


• Pray for a fresh out-pouring of the Holy Spirit in our lives
• Pray for the salvation, filling of the Holy in each member of our families and friends
• Pray for a godly fear of the Lord for our Congress, Senate, and Cabinet members
• Pray for our President, President Obama, and his family to deeply experience God’s love and anointing of wisdom

By Pastor Dotty Schmitt


Prayerfully read Isaiah 44:1-5

In the fall of 1904 a revival broke out in Wales. During the next six months, 100,000 people were saved in this great spiritual awakening, No one organized the campaign. They did not use advertising, public relations, radio broadcasts, or great soul winning and witnessing campaigns. God did a sovereign work that captured the attention of the world. When the Spirit of God fell on a people who were right with Him, things began to happen. Without anybody witnessing to them, people cried out: “What must I do to be saved?”

Wales is a principality of Great Britain west of London. The area has a wonderful history of revivals among God’s people. By the beginning of this century people had a longing for a fresh wind of God’s Spirit. The last great revival had taken place in 1859-60. Church membership had declined. People were indifferent to religious matters. The churches were formal. God’s people needed revival.

By 1904 God was at work in many places and in many people through Wales. The nation was like a tinder box God had prepared for the quick spread of revival fire. God chose to use a young man named Evan Roberts in a special way. Evan worked in the coal mines of Wales, but he had a great burden for revival. For 13 years he prayed for an outpouring of God’s Spirit. Prayer meetings with different groups of God’s people became a major emphasis in his life. Early in 1904, Evan accepted God’s call to preach, and he went to school to prepare.

Following a Sunday School service, a man named Seth Joshua led in prayer. One of his requests was, “Lord, bend us.” The Spirit of God used that simple statement to touch Evan’s heart. On his way out the door he kept praying, “O Lord, bend me!”

God gave Evan a burden to go to his home church in Loughor to conduct a week of services with the young people. Following a Monday night prayer meeting on October 31, 1904, seventeen young people stayed to hear Evan’s message. His message had four points:

1. You must put away any unconfessed sin.
2. You must put away any doubtful habit.
3. You must obey the Spirit promptly.
4. You must confess Christ publicly.

That night, all seventeen responded to his appeal. Crowds increased nightly. The Spirit was poured out on the nation as God’s people returned to Him. Lost people were dramatically converted – 70,000 in two months, 85, 000 in five months, and over 100,000 in the six months following that October meeting.

These commitments were life changing. Taverns closed due to the lack of business. The crime rate dropped radically leaving the police with little to do. People paid old debts and made restitution for thefts and wrongs committed. There was even a work slowdown in the coal mines as the mules had to learn the new language of the converted miners.

News of the revival spread to other countries, and people were stirred to prayer. Soon God was at work in nations around the world bringing people to Himself.

*Read the four points of Evan Roberts’ message and ask God now He wants you to respond to Him in any specific area of your life.

For further reading on the Wales Awakening see: The Flaming Tongue by J. Edwin Orr, Chicago: Moody Press, 1973; or Glory Filled the Land edited by Richard Owen Roberts, Wheaton: International Awakening Press, 1989

• Pray for His Spirit to be poured out upon our children, and the youth of this nation.
• Pray that the next generation will have a heart to seek and serve the Lord.
• Pray that the children will be protected from the snares and devices of the enemy.
• Pray for the mass media that many believers will invade this field and raise a standard of righteousness.

By Pastor Dotty Schmitt


Prayerfully read Jeremiah 31:3; Joshua 4:21-24

“The noise was like the roar of Niagara,” wrote a participant. “The vast sea of human beings seemed to be agitated as if by a storm.”

On August 6th, 1801, 25,000 people gathered at Cane Ridge, Kentucky, for a “communion” meeting. Led by Presbyterian minister Barton Stone and many others, the meeting became what is known as the greatest “religious” movement in the history of the United States. In actuality, the roots of the revival began several years before 1801, with the fiery preaching of evangelist James McReedy. But the consummation came in August of 1801.

The second great awakening had begun. Black, white, slave and free, all came together for a movement that defied imagination. Barton Stone writes;

“The scene to me was new and passing strange. … Many, very many fell down, as men slain in battle, and continued for hours together in an apparently breathless and motionless state—sometimes for a few moments reviving, and exhibiting symptoms of life by a deep groan, or piercing shriek, or by a prayer for mercy most fervently uttered…With astonishment did I hear men, women, and children declaring the wonderful works of God.”

After the Revolutionary war, America had been in decline. To the preachers of that day, it was known as the “Egyptian Darkness.” Francis Asbury wrote the following;

“When I reflect that not one in a hundred came here to get religion, but rather to get plenty of good land, I think it will be well if some or many do not eventually lose their souls.”

Many believe that the United States is in the same condition today. “An Egyptian Darkness”. Conditions are ripe for a new great awakening. In 1798, days of prayer and fasting were set aside to redeem the frontier from this darkness. And, so, we do the same. As was said at camp meetings all over the country, “Lord, do it again, like Cane Ridge.”

What part do you believe you can play in helping to bring about a new great awakening?

• Pray for a revelation that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. “Send us a great awakening, Lord!”
• Pray for repentance to grip the church, and the government officials – “Send the light of Your word.”

By Pastor Jamie Dixson


Prayerfully read Psalm 85

The First Great Awakening in the American colonies is often dated 1740-43. Like other great revivals, the spiritual climate of the churches had reached a low point. Practices like the Half-Way Covenant brought many into church membership without requiring any indication of saving faith. Consequently, churches were a mixture of believers and unbelievers. The vitality of the Christian testimony was watered down by its mixture with the world.

Far Reaching Results. Traveling evangelists like George Whitefield and Gilbert Tennent were used by God to quicken the spirits of His people. Through their preaching many church members and even preachers came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and realized that they had never been converted. They were greatly distressed until they had made their salvation sure. Historians estimate that 25, 000 to 50,000 persons were added to the churches in New England alone. New churches were started in record numbers, and colleges like Dartmouth and Princeton began to train missionaries and ministers to carry the gospel to the lost world. This revival also laid the foundation of cooperative relationships between denominations. The religious liberties guaranteed in the new republic had their birth in this revival.

Revival at Northampton. Sometime around 1734 revival began to occur in several locations in New England. God used these early revivals and awakenings to prepare the soil of New England for the sowing of the gospel that would follow. Northampton, Massachusetts, was the site of a citywide awakening in 1734-35. Jonathan Edwards was pastor of the Congregational Church. Prior to the revival the town experienced a “degenerate time” with a “dullness of religion.” According to Edwards, the young people were addicted to tavern drinking, lewd practices, and frolics among the sexes the greater part of the night.

In a nearby village two young people died in the spring of 1734. People began to think soberly about spiritual and eternal matters. In answer to the prayers of His people, God began to move. In the fall Edwards preached on justification by faith alone. In December of 1734, five or six persons were converted. One of them was a young woman who was “one of the greatest company keepers in the whole town.” Her life was so radically changed that everyone could tell it was a work of God’s grace. During the following six months, 300 people were hopefully converted in this town of 1,100.

Edwards said, “God has also seemed to have gone out of his usual way in the quickness of his work, and the swift progress his Spirit has made in his operation, on the hearts of many”. “There was scarcely a single person in this town, either old or young, that was left unconcerned about the great things of the eternal world…The town seemed to be full of the presence of God: it never was so full of love, nor so full of joy. …It was a time of joy in families on the account of salvation being brought to them… Our public assemblies were then beautiful; the congregation was alive in God’s service, everyone earnestly intent on public worship …our public praises were then greatly enlivened. God was then served…in the beauty of holiness.”

Would you like to see God sweep our city and church like that? Would you be willing to pray: “God whatever it takes for you to bring revival to your people, please do it”?
This account has been adapted from “Narrative of Surprising Conversion” by Jonathan Edwards in The Works of President Edwards, New York: Levitt & Allen, 1857 (pp.231-272); and The History of American Revivals by Frank Granville Beardsley, 1912 (pp. 20-83).

• Pray that you and your family will seek first His Kingdom in every area of life (Mark 6;33).
• Pray for the gift of faith as you pray for your family, our congregation, our state, and for this nation. “Lord, arise!”

By Pastor Dotty Schmitt


Prayerfully read Habakkuk 3

“Revive Your work in the midst of the years.” —Habakkuk 3:2 (AV)

We are crying out with thousands across America for God to revive His work in our land. This is what a national revival looked like a century and a half ago in the days of Charles G. Finney—

Revivals broke out under Finney’s fervent preaching all across New York State, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio, and in other states, as he appealed to men to respond to the grace of God in repentance and faith. Finney described one particular meeting near Antwerp, New York in these words: “An awful solemnity seemed to settle upon the people; the congregation began to fall from their seats in every direction and cry for mercy. If I had a sword in each hand, I could not have cut them down as fast as they fell. I was obliged to stop preaching.” Hundreds of thousands were swept into the Kingdom of God across the United States. Actually revivals were breaking out on both sides of the Atlantic – not only in the United States, but also in Europe.

Oh Lord, You see the need in our land for revival! We have wandered far from You in our moral degeneracy and waywardness. And we cry out to You to sweep across our land in great conviction and in a wave of repentance and saving faith! In Jesus’ dear name! Amen!

• Pray for a deep hunger to stir in your heart for personal and family revival
• Pray for a deep conviction of sin to come upon our nation , and for the gift of repentance to be given to us as a people

By Pastor Charles Schmitt


Prayerfully read Psalm 63:1-8

What is David’s secret for living in personal revival? Let us study three responsive acts in this Psalm that gave David his spiritual joy and overflow.

Verse 6: “Think of the Lord.” At all times, may I consciously turn my attention toward the Lord. Psalm 46:10 commands us to “be still and know that I am God.” Quiet your hearts and your minds in His Presence many times throughout the day.

Verse 7: “Sing to the Lord.” God is my Help and my Salvation, may my life song sing to Him. Joyfully in the rain and in the sunshine, I will choose to sing words of gratitude for His unending love, for His gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ, for His personal concern for my life.

Verse 8: “Cling to the Lord.” I acknowledge my utter dependency upon Him. As Jesus says in John 15:5b, “apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Yes, He alone is my Stability, my Refuge and my Strength. God is my ever constant Companion in times of trouble and in seasons of peace.

Pray that we, as children of God, would quiet our hearts and live in the Truth that it is “in Him that we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28). As we allow ourselves to soak in His love, we can then in turn pour His love into the lives of others. Loving well is the goal of our Christian walk – loving Him, loving ourselves, and loving others well. Revival of the heart begins in the secret place of personal adoration and worship.

• Lord, restore to me the joy of my salvation.
• Pray that His Spirit may fill your life so that your family and friends may be thirsty for Him.
• Pray that you may live in the joy of His presence.

By Pastor Dianna Whittle