“God, examine me and know my mind. Test me and know all my worries. Make sure that I am not going the wrong way. Lead me on the path that has always been right.” (Psalm 139:23-24)

Have you ever responded to a situation, and your response caught you off guard? Maybe you flew into a rage over something seemingly insignificant. Or perhaps something mundane brought you to tears, and you have no idea why you were so deeply impacted. The human heart and mind is so complex, King David talks in Psalm 139 about how God is the only one who really knows absolutely everything about us. Even the things we are not in touch with, God knows! The good news, is that if you allow the Lord, He will make known to you all of the hidden things in your life. That’s what Psalm 139:23-24 is all about. David is going before the Lord and giving the Lord access to every part of him so that the Lord can deal with whatever needs to be dealt with.

Years ago, as a part of my journey to become emotionally and spiritually healthy, I began praying this passage of Scripture over my own life. There were habits and behaviors surfacing that left me utterly confused by my own behavior. One such behavior was my massive rage. I would become filled with rage over the most random and innocent of things. It took a few years before I was able to completely process and get my rage under control – but it did happen.
I want to encourage you, to stick with this. If there is something in your life that you need to get handles on, don’t try this meditative prayer only once and then give up or forget about it. Trust the Lord and trust the process. Allow Him the time He needs to walk you through this journey of complete healing

Personal Moments of Reflection and Meditation with the Lord:

  1. Invite the Lord into your mediation time.
  2. Acknowledge that the Lord is with you and will be with you as you walk through this journey.
  3. Read Psalm 139.
  4. Ask the Lord, “Lord, show me where You were when this was happening.”
  5. Ask the Lord to reveal the spirit of truth about that situation.
  6. Lord, what is it You want me to remember and know about that situation?

Remember: Be patient with yourself and with the Lord. Trust that the Lord is faithful and that He knows what He is doing. If He does begin to reveal trauma or painful memories from the past, remember that inner healing is a journey and not a destination. If what the Lord is revealing is too much for you to handle on your own, seek help from a trusted pastor or therapist.

Lord, I desire to be the best me that I can be. Help me to press into You and give me the desire and the fortitude to seek inner healing and inner health. Please reveal to me the things You desire to deal with and reveal to me anything offensive that I have allowed to take root and become an active part of my everyday life.


  • Pray for a repentant, tender heart before the Lord.
  • Thank Him for His healing love that flows into your heart and soul.
  • Pray for deep spiritual and emotional health to be imparted to you and your family.

By Jenny Childers