Day 6 – What Revival Looks Like

Prayerfully read Habakkuk 3.

“Revive Your work in the midst of the years.” (Habakkuk 3:2 AV)

We are crying out with thousands across America for God to revive His work in our land. This is what a national revival looked like a century and a half ago in the days of Charles G. Finney—

Revivals broke out under Finney’s fervent preaching all across New York State, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Ohio and in other states, as he appealed to men to respond to the grace of God in repentance and faith. Finney described one particular meeting near Antwerp, New York in these words: “An awful solemnity seemed to settle upon the people; the congregation began to fall from their seats in every direction and cry for mercy. If I had a sword in each hand, I could not have cut them down as fast as they fell. I was obliged to stop preaching.” Hundreds of thousands were swept into the Kingdom of God across the United States. Actually revivals were breaking out on both sides of the Atlantic – not only in the United States, but also in Europe.

Oh Lord, You see the need in our land for revival! We have wandered far from You in our moral degeneracy and waywardness. And we cry out to You to sweep across our land in great conviction and in a wave of repentance and saving faith! In Jesus’ dear name! Amen!


  • Pray for a deep hunger to stir in your heart for personal and family revival. • Pray for a deep conviction of sin to come upon our nation , and for the gift of repentance to be given to us as a people.

By Pastor Charles Schmitt

1 thought on “Day 6 WHAT REVIVAL LOOKS LIKE

  1. Father as we are praying and crying out to You for Revival , we know deep down in our hearts there MUST be true repentance . So help us to be broken & humble before You . I pray you will bring awareness through your Holy Spirit of the spiritual darkness that is overshadowing the churches today because of sin. May your Holy Spirit bring conviction of sinful lifestyle which has led unbelievers to insult the very nature of Your Character. Lord please help those who called themselves Christian to truly allow You to live through them, so unbelievers can be drawn to your saving grace & Your Name will be exalted. I pray for every Pastor, they will have a hunger to grow deeper & live a life of Integrity , and be an example of You to this world . Fill them with your Peace love , joy, wisdom & discernment needed for effective ministry. Oh Lord break through the darkness into a new day ( season) . Shine over your people like the rising sun …… Anointed us, So we can break the yoke & resist every spiritual forces of evil in Jesus Holy Name ! Revive us Oh Lord !

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