Crashing Waves Religious Stock PhotoDAY 5 THE POWER OF THE MOVING GOD

Prayerfully read Genesis 1:1-3; Isaiah 60:1-3.
Perhaps as you consider the darkness in the earth you have no hope for revival or for a 3rd
Great Awakening in America.

When you think about praying, your faith is weak and your hope shallow. That is certainly understandable in light of the conditions of the world today.

Consider this before you pray today. All creation comes from the Holy Spirit moving. In the beginning there was only darkness and formlessness. There was no life, no hope, except for the plan in the heart of the Father. Yet in all the darkness and hopeless God was about to move. The Holy Spirit was actively brooding over the nothingness about to explode with creative power and authority.

There is no darkness He cannot overcome. There is no hopelessness He cannot defeat. There is no nothingness He cannot form into something beautiful. You are His workmanship (Ephesians 2:10). Today you have the power of creation residing in you. Pray from that place. Make something out of nothing just as He has done.


  • Move God over the face of the deep. • Show me the eternal plan of the Father for the nothingness I see. • Reveal the power of creation in me that I might speak with power and authority. • Revive my heart to faith that I might pray effectual prayers with full confidence that I have what I ask because I ask in faith from a place of divine revelation.

By Pastor Guy C. Carey


  1. Father ,as Isaiah 60:1-3 says “Arise & Shine…” I pray that we will be obedient to your Word in this world of darkness & sin . Lord we are living in a time where it’s easy to arise but it’s hard to shine ….as your people we are not living a life of Righteousness based upon your Word but too much compromises according to worldly standard ……Father forgive us and help us to put aside man’s agenda & allow the Holy Spirit to work in and through us so our thoughts can turn to that which is Holy and our life can shine and draw men into you. Father I pray your Holy Spirit will fill us afresh & your light will radiates from deep within …. Let it be our identity so this dark world can see Jesus through us …. Lord ,For those who are living in the shadow of death , I pray you will illuminate their lives and expel every spirit of darkness …I speak Salvation , Healing & Deliverance in Jesus Name ….And as Daniel 12:3 says : Those who are wise shall shine like brightness of the firmament and those who turn many to Righteousness like the stars forever & ever …. Amen

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