Billy Graham- My Hope for America

Billy Graham- My Hope for America

This week a great opportunity to pray for harvest in America!

5 thoughts on “Billy Graham- My Hope for America

  1. You might have already heard this, but my understanding is that the prophetic window opened in 2010 and will last for a decade, until 2020. In a dream sometime around August 8, 2010, I was shown a bible that was opened to Revelation Chapter 1; at the time I wasn’t what this really meant, but it might be further confirmation of the hour we are currently in.

  2. During my devotions a week ago, the Lord impressed upon my spirit that even as the mandate set forth by the Great Commission and Mission of the Church as a whole is to make disciples, a strong emphasis needs to also be placed on the responsibility of each believer for his (reference to male or female) spiritual growth and maturity. More than ever before, the spotlight is being placed on holiness. The Lord desires that ongoing intercession be made, one member for another, in areas such as the following:

    a. Having an increasing desire to seek Him – Consecration

    b. Knowing the fear of the Lord (a healthy respect for the Lord and His Word) – Submission (to His lordship over us)

    c. Applying (sowing, nurturing, tending) the Word of God so that it grows and prospers in us (our hearts) – Cultivation (of fruit)

    d. Living by the Spirit-walking in love and humility – Production ( of fruit)

    There must be a clear understanding, on the part of the believer, that the call placed upon his life is a high and holy one–an idea that should lead every believer to develop a strong sense of accountability to the Lord. In turn, the church will be strengthened as the ability to receive answers to prayers for salvation, healing, deliverance and financial provision will be enhanced.

  3. On the issue of spiritual growth and maturity, I’m sensing that the Lord would want ongoing intercession to be made for the following categories of people at Immanuel’s, not the ministries but the individuals in their personal walk with Jesus.

    a. Singles
    b. Young adults
    c. Single parents
    d. Married individuals
    e. Teenagers
    f. Children
    g. Seniors
    h. Widows and widowers

    Some categories may overlap. The idea, however, is to capture and lift up before the Lord the challenges that a person in each individual category might be facing. From God’s perspective, we are all family and anticipating or identifying with a family member’s need or struggle and petitioning the Lord for help is a tremendous act of love. “Bear ye one another’s burdens,” Paul writes in Galatians 6:2, “and so fulfill the law of Christ.” The focus here is on holiness but these burdens can relate to financial, health and emotional issues which we could also continue to bring before the Lord on each other’s behalf.
    The heart of God is not for us to wait until there is a moral failure to act, but to do what we can to provide fortification and thus help prevent lapses from even occurring. On the other hand, if one does occur, we are to attend to that individual with meekness and gentleness.

    I believe that it does help us all to know that we are part of a body of believers who are holding each other’s hands to ensure that we each, as individuals, reach our highest potential in God.

  4. I am in another phase of training and the Lord has been urging me to share some of what I’m learning.

    I learnt, not that long ago, that some of the full-time ministers on the field, in this country as well as those around the world, were either not called to do what they are doing or did not wait for the Lord’s timing. They went there on their own accord and therefore at their own risk. Moreover, they were not given the specific anointing or empowerment they needed to carry out the tasks being undertaken.

    This is important, because in such cases where the Lord would require us to leave our jobs, uproot our families and move to a foreign country, He wants to first prepare us, spiritually, in a very specific way, for the task ahead. Our ministry would have a specific focus; we would be led on a specific path and be made to interact with people He places on our path and minister to the people whom He sends our way. The approach would be tailor-made for each individual. The Lord sets everything up. Hence, missionaries who did not wait for a specific word of instruction and confirmation from the Lord, whether it came to them directly or through someone else, stepped out from under the Lord’s covering and more often than not find themselves in very dire circumstances. They still need to be helped however, probably even more so than those who did receive a confirming word. Of course, not every missionary who finds himself in difficulty is there without the Lord’s approval. This is simply meant to sound a note of caution to individuals who might be inclined to plunge in, without any instruction from the Lord as to what He wants them to do.

    As Christians, we are all called to spread the gospel, for which we do not need a special anointing (the evangelistic anointing, for example). The only requirement is the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit. Short-term missions’ trips are also not under discussion here; this only applies to full-time missionaries. Though, in a sense, everyone is called to full-time ministry, some are sent on specific assignments while others are tasked with providing funding for these assignments. The point here is that once the Lord assigns us to a task, He will provide the anointing and direction. But we also need to wait for His timing. Additionally, we need to be sure that any decision we make to serve in full-time ministry is based on the Lord’s instruction. It is in our complete surrender (not to be done half-heartedly) to Him, that we will sense the call He has placed on our lives and be positioned in the sphere of ministry He has destined for us.

  5. I’ve been given quite a bit of information but I need to receive confirmation from the Lord as to what I’m allowed to share. However, what I can tell you and I believe you already know this is that we are in a sprint. The Lord has already shortened the days, so if it seems like your birthday is coming around faster than it has in the past, it’s not your imagination.
    Brothers and sisters in Christ, we are on the last leg. So, “lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” (Luke 21:28)

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