More Than Enough – Day 22

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Today is a special day for us as Immanuel’s Church family!!  Together we are praying and believing the Lord for a total elimination of our debt (and yours).  Our goal is to give more than we ever have into the work of the Kingdom.  Our meditation for today is Malachi 3.  There are so many precious truths unfolded for us in this chapter.  It begins with the promise that the Lord, whom we seek and desire, will come to us.  It also gives us another exciting promise that as we willingly and obediently give to Him our tithes and offerings, He will “…throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.”  (Yes, indeed He is always “more than enough”).  This precious chapter concludes with the Lord writing in His special book of remembrance the names and conversations of each of His treasured children.  He obviously loves to hear us speaking often of His goodness and mercy.  And because He loves hilarious givers (II Corinthians 9: 6-8), I believe He also records our laugh of faith in giving!  Rejoice, dance, laugh and clap for the best is yet to come!


 In the days ahead, may all of our ears be open to more clearly hear what His Spirit is saying to His Church.  We are living in strategic times, and our prayers must also be specific, determined and boldly based on Scripture.  Let’s continue to believe for:

  1. A national outpouring of His Spirit
  2. Revival in Israel and the Arab Nations
  3. The Gospel to penetrate into every unreached people group

You are loved and appreciated, and in the days ahead, you will experience the joy of knowing that He is indeed “More than Enough”.

5 thoughts on “More Than Enough – Day 22

  1. “I am the debt.” These were the words written in a dream I had over a week ago. I was a little disturbed by the wording of this sentence, so I sought the Lord for clarification but was, instead, admonished for not moving forward with this communication sooner.

    The key idea is the sense of urgency. This is what the Lord wants to convey. “I am the debt” serves as a confirmation that the deficiency that exists is spiritual rather than financial. In other words, it is not necessarily due to financial mismanagement on our part. The debt or financial lack is the method the Lord has chosen to allow the spiritual deficiency to manifest itself in the natural. Therefore, it can only be resolved using spiritual means. Many other needs exist, such as medical and emotional issues, but these comments will be based on the specific message I received over a week ago and directed to individuals, rather than to the church as a whole and its financial situation.

    Debts grow. We know that the longer debts remain unpaid, the greater the amount that would need to be repaid. It is an urgent need because things could very quickly spiral out of control. As debts increase daily, the deficiency that God is seeing is also increasing. The urgency with which we would like to see our debts repaid or cancelled and financial blessings released is the urgency with which the Lord would like to see His truths and principles applied. We believe we are waiting on God to act, but He is actually waiting on us. He wants the emphasis to be placed on quality rather than quantity—on raising the bar with respect to the activities in which we are already engaged. It is the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) that needs to be addressed because the power flow we have been requesting will require a higher standard of operation. There must be a burning desire and a greater effort made to attain a higher standard of excellence. Though we might be contented with 50%, He is not. He does not expect us to be perfect but to aim for perfection, with everything that is in us. “…thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength…” (Mark 12:30). It is an inner change that is being called for but it has to be done wholeheartedly.

    As Lord and Master, He sets the standards, the priorities and the pace. Thus, it is incumbent upon us, His servants and followers, to not only reorder our priorities to match His, but to also achieve the level of quality He desires and quicken our pace so that we are in step with Him and not lagging behind.

  2. “I am the debt” is still the matter that The Lord is dealing with. Just before I awoke this morning He gave me an instruction concerning this issue. It needs to be revisited. The word He used was “confront”.

    If you find yourself in dire financial need which no amount of financial planning could alleviate, the Lord wants you to surrender to Him fully. What He is seeking is a more consecrated life, one in which He is being given first place. We need to come face to face with the issue of dying to self and being emptied of self because it is at our door. It is a question of His Lordship over our lives. Who is at the controls–Him or us?

    Surrendering to God does not mean that we forgo the natural means that are available to us (in this case, as it relates to our finances) but what it does mean, among other things, is that we would need to pay closer attention to the guidelines He has given us in His Word, such as the fruit of the Spirit. For instance, some of us might need to raise the level of patience and self-control we exercise when dealing with our finances.

    For others, the situation might be impossible and would require a financial miracle. I believe that it is those (in this latter category) to whom the Lord is speaking. The issue of complete surrender must now be front and center in their lives.

    Please note–it is an urgent and serious matter. Please do not take it lightly.

  3. I feel prompted to write this as a follow-up to previous comments made regarding the Lord’s announcement that He is the debt.

    If you find yourself in an impossible financial situation and have tried, though unsuccessfully, to get yourself out of debt, then it could be that the Lord is seeking from you a complete surrendering of your will to Him¬¬–submission to His Lordship over your life. Jesus states in John 12:24, “… Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.”

    In previous months or perhaps even a year ago, The Lord would have alerted you, in some way, to the fact that He is getting ready to make some dramatic changes in your life. At the very beginning of the process, He will communicate with you regarding what He requires from and expects of you. For some of you, it might already have happened. But I must stress that you would need to be sure about this. If you have doubts about where you stand in relation to this, ask the Lord and wait for His response. I’m sure He will make it clear to you. He is not trying to confuse us. But you cannot guess or assume anything here. Every Christian is destined to go through this type of preparation but the issue is to determine whether you are on the current schedule.

    The process you are about to undergo will be one that will position you in the area of ministry He has chosen for you. The Lord will control this process. He will decide when it begins and when it ends. Your responsibility is to remain as closely connected to Him as possible so you can follow His leading. You will need to be patient and cooperative. Your eyes should remain riveted to Him even when circumstances around you become increasingly ugly and they will, because it is part of the test. Like all of God’s tests, this is a character test. It will test the degree to which His truths and principles have been established in you and have shaped your character. This preparation does involve testing because the Lord will be giving you an opportunity to make required changes in your character as these areas are revealed to you. Make those adjustments as quickly as you can. You will need to be radically honest here. Continually making mistakes and asking for forgiveness, grace and mercy will not take you to the next level. You do not want to remain at a standstill.

    You will need to learn how to let go and allow Him to lead but do it, of course, in a responsible way. Household bills still need to be paid. Stand guard over your heart and examine your motives and intentions very closely as He will be paying even more careful attention to these areas. Do whatever you can to stay as tranquil as you can in your spirit. Yelling, complaining, speaking unkindly to those around you or having a negative attitude will not be helpful at all and might cause the process to be hindered or aborted. Staying connected to the Lord will enable you to draw strength from Him; however, as often as you feel the need to be strengthened, ask for strength and wait in His Presence. This waiting might last for several hours.

    Be encouraged that God is not angry with you and is not intending to hurt you, only prepare you for service. But He needs to strengthen your roots, clear away the debris that might have accumulated over the years and enlarge your capacity so you can receive more of his “nutrients”. His goal is to equip you for service and Jesus will be right there watching and interceding for you. At one point, in a dream at the height of the process I was being taken through, I heard Jesus say in agony, “My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me.” Jesus was speaking on my behalf. Our lives are so closely intertwined with His! Paul writes in Colossians 3:3, “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.”

    The enemy will also be on the prowl and in order to resist him you will need to “engage” but this will require more specific guidance from the Lord. This bears mentioning because the methods you have used in the past will not be adequate. The Lord will be teaching you how to listen to Him and follow specific instructions from Him. Just bear in mind that this process will not last for the rest of your life, at least not at this level of intensity, and now would really not be the time to give up on life because it is for this purpose you were created¬–to serve in the particular sphere of ministry for which you are being prepared. For Christians, this is where “the rubber meets the road.” This is the crux of the matter. So arise and say to the Lord, “I am willing. Do with me what you will.” Then give Him your full cooperation.

  4. Some additional information at the Lord’s urging–

    This is related to previous communication concerning the subject of preparing for service.

    In Joshua 6, the children of Israel were told to march around the city of Jericho once for six days and on the seventh day, they were to do it seven times. Other specific instructions were given. Their obedience would cause them to be victorious; the walls of the city would fall and, as a result of their obedience, the city was destroyed.

    The piece or pieces of weaponry to be used during this period of preparation must be chosen by the Lord. It is an issue of obedience and has little to do with the specific weapon used. It would most likely be something you would not normally do. The raising of banners, the waving of a flag, and dancing are some examples. But the Lord would let you know which one He has chosen for you; it would be different for every individual. (Note: All Christians are instructed to wear, at all times, the armor spoken about in Ephesians and other places in the Word but this is not what is being referred to here).

    To use a personal example–On my way to church one morning, I was contemplating whether I should wave one of the flags during “Praise and Worship.” I knew that the flag was considered spiritual armor as well as something that is used in times of celebration. I also knew that the Lord would need to choose my weapon. But I did not have to wonder about that for too long because the Lord interrupted my thoughts. His voice sounded as though it were coming from a deep well within me. “Get ready for battle!” He ordered. It was said in the tone of a military commander. I was awestruck. If I were in the right presence of mind, I would have responded, “Yes, Sir!” But I was only able to sputter a feeble “Oh my goodness!” So my weapon, at least one of them, was the flag.

    The Lord will be particularly interested in your obedience to the specific commands and instructions He issues during the time of preparation.

  5. Something to consider–

    While in the period of preparation, you should not share specifics about your progress or lack of it to anyone, not even your spouse until the process is completed. The reason being that the battle being waged is real and because it is spiritual, your speaking will be heard by all, “friends and enemies.” So, what you are planning to do, the small victories you have achieved, the weak areas that you intend to focus in on and the special weapon that the Lord has chosen for you become ammunition that could be used against you to make this process even more intense.

    These are, in fact, military strategies that you just might want to keep to yourself.

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