More Than Enough – Day 18

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Would you like to enlarge your understanding of the Lord today?  Do you need a fresh revelation of how great our God really is?  Then together let’s read all of Isaiah 40.  This chapter has changed my life!!  Isaiah sees Him as all-powerful and sovereign.  Isaiah is also captured by the beautiful picture that He is tender and gentle as a good Shepherd.  Our God is sovereign over the affairs of men and nations (good to remember this when watching the daily news).  He is the creator, designer, and architect of the whole universe!  But the Lord appears somewhat perplexed by the complaint of His own cherished people in verse 27.  “He doesn’t see me nor does He seem to care,” they complain.  To these charges against Him, the Lord emphatically reminds them that He is “more than enough” to give strength to the weary, to increase the power of the weak, and to so empower those who “wait” on Him.  His people will soar into their destiny as an eagle.  Lord, today let me live in the revelation of how great You are, and teach me to wait upon You, so that I may be refreshed, replenished, and revived.  Lord, pour out Your Spirit on me, my family, our church family, and this nation.  I worship You, great God!

2 thoughts on “More Than Enough – Day 18

  1. Father, Thank You for Your Words in Isaiah 40….Our hear is overwhelmed as we see Your Greatness & Glory display in such a Powerful way……and nothing is hidden from You….We worship & honor You God , for You are the Almighty God ! Thank You for refreshing us , and giving us hope and strength … us to wait in expectation , be obedient and have the confidence through faith that You are able to do anything ………….”more than enough”……… We WILL declare we are STRONG & will become stronger in You ……we will SOAR in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus , so we will be able to run this race, and walk this walk…………. Father I pray for those who are weary & discourage and backslidden , and and feel hopeless…..may your Holy Spirit refresh and revive & encourage their hearts to turn back to You …….. I speak salvation for all of our love ones who are unsaved . I speak healing to the sick……I pray for every family in the body of Christ to be in perfect Peace and be blessed………in the The Mighty Name of Jesus.

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