More Than Enough – Day 9

Monday – April 15, 2013

Amazing grace! Lord, I need more of Your grace in my life. The pressures of life seem, at times to feel so very overwhelming to me.  Today I open my heart to You for a greater impartation of your amazing grace.  Teach me today what Paul had to learn:  “…My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”  At this very moment I thank You that Your grace is “more than enough” for me, for my family, for my workplace, and for my church family.”  (Prayerfully ponder II Corinthians 12:7-10)

3 thoughts on “More Than Enough – Day 9

  1. Lord, today I can say with Paul, “I choose to take pleasure in my infirmities and distresses…that the power of Messiah might rest upon me…for when I am weak than I am strong in You.” Lord I receive an abundance of your grace today to do all that You have called me to do. Lord, You know others today that are needing You like never before. Fill them with your amazing grace this day. Hold them in Your arms of love.

  2. Like Paul I see how the enemy is trying to “get us down” but our reaction is to be “pushed to our knees” as we press into the Father. Lord help us overcome our personal trials as your grace, power, protection, and love are more than enough.

  3. Father, I thank You for Your Grace upon ALL of our lives. Your Grace is sufficient, to strengthen & comfort us in all our afflictions and distress. Your Strength is made perfect in our weakness. Thank you for humbling us , because it is only in our state of weakness, we become humble, and Your Grace is manifested and magnified , in our lives…….it makes us to realize how amazing and gracious and Devine You are…..Lord help us not to complain but to trust you in every situation that your Your Grace is ” More than Enough” to carry us through any difficult moment ……..May we continue to enjoy and experience your abundance Grace and Favor in our church ……….in Jesus name

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