More Than Enough – Day One

Sunday – April 7, 2013

Today we begin our 22-day devotional and prayer journey as an Immanuel’s Church family.   We are preparing our hearts to hear His voice and will for “more than enough”.  We begin by pondering and personally experiencing the extravagant dimensions of the love of our God.  Read aloud the powerful words of Ephesians 3:14 – 21.  Spend time thanking Him that His love is always “more than enough” for every need and situation in your life!  Pray that your love will abound towards God and others.  And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, (Philippians 1:9)

2 thoughts on “More Than Enough – Day One

  1. Oh, the strength I draw from being rooted and grounded in His great love!!! Like the line in the song goes, “You really love me like You say You do.” So hold us Lord in Your arms of love throgh every situation we walk in this week.

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