Praying for Visitation

Today is the beginning of Passion Week, Palm Sunday. The final days of the footsteps of Jesus begin today.  The crisis of this day is revealed in Luke 19:44, the people missed the time of their visitation.

Our prayer then this week is that His people and those who look on will NOT miss the day of their visitation. Seeing Jesus clearly is the need of all people.

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Praying in the Spirit 24/7 Page Added

“- Pray without ceasing;”  — 1Th 5:17 NASB

Immanuel’s Church has committed to be a praying community 24 hours a day 7 days a week or in the words of the Apostle Paul, “pray without ceasing!”

This vision is facilitated by prayer points that are published monthly.  This is Praying in the Spirit the new page on the top tabs of this blog.  You are invited to participate every day in praying through the focus of this page.  Please feel free to comment and reply as you pray, sharing your insights with others.

Our Father’s house is a house of prayer for all nations!